Cyber Security Training

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CyberSecurity Training

Humans are the weakest element in the Information Securiy model. Some large cyber attacks includes manipulation of human factor to initiate a malware. This can be performed via variety of techniques including phishing, USB drops, insider threats, etc.

Cybersecurity Training module for organizations helps clients to stay aware of the trending attacks, identify them and take appropriate measures to mitigate the same. With the growing technology, hackers keep discovering new ways to target users and organizations. It is therefore need of the hour for every individual to stay updated and prevent being a victim, or fall prey to any fraud. Alpha Threat covers latest trending attacks used in wild to demonstrate their impact and methodologies used. Attacks with complete practical are demonstrated to your organization making session completely interactive, jargon-free and enjoyable.


  • Enhance the first line of defense (employees)
  • Stay updated of latest attacks and methodologies
  • Trained employees have higher chances to detect threats which helps secure your business
  • Decreased Cyber crime
  • Make employees understand the necessity of implemented security policies


    Focus is given to cover the latest attacks out in the wild, to better train your employees and enhance the security. Every topic provided below is covered with practical to provide a better understanding of threats. New topics are added as per organization's requirement.
  • Data privacy
  • Social Engineering
  • Social media threats
  • Mobile device attacks and safety
  • Secure surfing habits
  • Security tools and protocols
  • Office safety habits
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