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Threat Intelligence and Data

With the ever increasing cyber attacks there's a need to switch to more proactive approach. Cybercriminals are gaining access to more sophisticated tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) which are capable of bypassing the existing security controls in place. Threat Intelligence may simply refer to the collection, assessment and implementation of the data collected over threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, malwares, etc. Threat Intelligence helps to understand the trending and even upcoming attacks and methodologies. This gives a predetermined idea of point of attacks and the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the attackers.

Considering the cost factor, maintenance and a dedicated team of experts required it is difficult and not feasible for small and medium sized enterprise to implement such a solution. Hackers know this as well and that's why their focus is shifted to attacking such organisations.


Alpha Threat believe that cybersecurity should be a privilege for all since everyone's data is important. To address this issue we developed solution that collects threat data of daily updated malicious IP addresses and domains that can be blocked at network level. This helps in preventing majority of botnet communications, ransomware servers, DDoS attack IP addresses, Phishing URL's, Bruteforce attempts, tor endpoints, etc. This feed is provided to our clients with no additional charges.


The darkweb is a part of the internet that isn't indexed by search engine and requires the use of an anonymizing browser called tor to be accessed. Besides tor there are other anonymizing networks such as I2P and Freenet. The darknet is an unregulated Wild West of the Internet, cyber crime's safe haven for communication and exchange of illegal goods and services. It is easily accessible, and with the help of anonymisation technology and modern-day digital currencies, a full-fledged economy takes place on a global scale right under the nose of impaired law enforcement agencies. Lots of corporate email ID's and other personal information was found to be for sale.


Our team collects the interesting data from darkside of the internet. Our reach to various encrypted communication channels both in surface web and darkweb helps us to gather intelligence about trending attacks and sometimes even malwares under development. As per the need we even establish communication with threat actors to learn about the threat vectors. This intelligence helps us to understand the threat and create a timely proactive defense strategy for our clients.


Employees of almost all organisations are leaking their official data to the outside world without them knowing. Our team of experts actively search for interesting data such as compromised emails, sensitive passwords, etc. We help to determine whether your organisation is leaking some private data in darkweb. Most often this data includes emails and cleartext passwords of organization as well as individuals.



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