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  • Category: Penetration Testing
  • Standards followed: OWASP, SANS25
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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Internet usage has surpassed desktop usage , making mobile browsing and apps the most widespread kind of Internet-capable applications. Whether it is a Native, Hybrid or a WebApp, security is a critical issue.Testing Mobile applications for functionality, usability, security, performance, etc is performed under Mobile Application Testing. Almost every mobile application talks to a backend service, these services are also vulnerable to various attacks. Our team of experts perform static and dynamic analysis of the mobile application (Android,iOS) making sure that the application is free of vulnerabilities. Our experts make sure that the application is also free of security issues mentioned below but not limited to:

  • Local Data Storage
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Server side controls
  • Information Disclosure
  • Authentication and Authorisation
  • Communication channels
  • Quality of code
  • Tampering
  • Cryptography
  • Input Validation

    Secure Application and related data

    Identify and mitigate critical vulnerabilities that can be attacked by hackers.

    Analyse the skills of development agency

    Going through audit reveals the development capability and expertise of the vendor or your IT team. This ensures if proper security measures are applied in the application and the responsiveness of development team towards fixing the vulnerabilities

    Maintain Compliance

    Security standards like ISO 27001, HIPPA, etc mandates security testing, which in turn induce confidence in customer.

    Proactive defense

    A vulnerable application can also lead to a complete server takeover. Emulating a pentest will not only find the vulnerabilities but will also suggest preventive security measures to apply at all levels


    The key delieverable from the testing includes a detailed report explaining:
  • A full list of found vulnerabilities
  • Details on the Type of Vulnerability and its impact
  • List of Affected applications, pages, services
  • Proof of Exploitation with attached screenshots
  • Recommendations on neutralising identified vulnerabilities
  • Complimetary security measures that can be implemented
    Vulnerabilities are risk ranked to prioritised remediation.



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